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Declare your Status, return to the law of the land

Your legal status is most likely as a federal U.S. Citizen. This makes you liable for corruption, debt, mercenary conflicts (They are never wars) statutes, codes, voluntary taxes and bunch of other vile “things” coming out of Washington D.C. which is foreign to the American ways. Why would you not change your status and revert back to the land and soil jurisdiction that you belong to and are owed? When you declare your status on one of the several states of the united States of America you stand with your unalienable rights and give up those 14th amendment privileges.

You live in honor with the rule of law or law of the land not the corporate, commerce, admiralty law. It is simple. We are common. We self govern. We take responsibility. Declare your status and come home to the land!

By: Dana Marie Carini

all rights reserved

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