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A Nod to the Arizona Assembly State Nationals and Website

State Nationals are learning that wording & definitions are important. Here is a well written segment of the Arizona State Assemblies Home Page website.

That’s a rather literal way of saying government organizations have “deemed” you, or assigned you, to a status that benefits them, rather than the status native to you, your “nativity”. The law calls this “unlawful conversion” and it was conferred upon you without your consent, without full and honest disclosure, and within hours of your entering this world as an infant.

So, how valid could such a contract be? Right; it’s not! But, that’s very likely the contract under which you still proceed as a “U.S. Citizen”… If you want to reclaim your natural status, we can help; and that’s where the additional information on this site can be valuable to you.

A “citizen” is servant to and subject of the state. Have you ever heard Romans portrayed in movies referring to one-another as “citizen”? … or the Greeks? This level of deceit has been around for millennia, only this time, the chains of slavery are hidden from view. I expect you’re likely a “patriot”, but “citizen” doesn’t likely mean what you thought it meant.

The good news is, you don’t have to remain in the status to which they assigned you. You have the right to declare your status… again, we know more information will be helpful.

How to change it and what are the benefits?

I wish I could say that it’s completely simple, uncomplicated, and all you’d need do is “sign-up”, however, freedom just isn’t free. It never has been free. And, you now stand on the leading edge of reestablishing the people’s civil side of government.

I wish I could tell you that “all the work is done and we invite you to come in, have a seat, and grab some grub and your favorite libation…” but, there’s work to do. We’re not at step one any longer, but we’re not far from it either. That’s why your voice, your help, and your attention is so important!

So, in all honesty, and full disclosure, before you reap the benefits, you’ll need to embrace some of the responsibilities.

These benefits are also not “laid out on a banquet table waiting for you to load your plate”… you’ll have to put some work in to claim them and gather them to you.

Here’s what reclaiming your status as an “Arizona State National” and free American can provide access to:

not subject to federal statutes (laws)

not subject to many state/local laws

not subject to their courts

not subject to many traffic “laws”

jurisdiction exempt of federal agents

exempt of federal income tax

property taxes can be eliminated

can hold superior title to your land

mortgages can be forgiven,


utility payments can be creditedand more…

Remember, we, the people, are to govern ourselves… and when we’re making the rules, the country can again be a great place to live, thrive, and find joy!

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