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Litigation / Remedy Call

state nationals, admiralty jurisdiction, law of land not sea
Looking toward Land

Litigation / Remedy Comittee will be open for questions in May. We will post the link on our General Assembly Email that goes out each week & it will be in the private members section of this website. Please come to a general Assembly meeting to get the password.

We are a group of living wo/men volunteers who see the need for helping others on New York with processes to address our fellow wo/man and the defacto “government” against trespasses and presumptions. We know who we are and are learning the best ways to educate others. Many of us in this committee are just learning. Some of us have great memories and read a lot. Some have tested the waters.

Each man or woman who comes to the call can ask a question and the comittee members and all others on the call will give suggestions. The man or woman is responsible for picking what route to walk and doing more research. As we self govern it is up to us to create notices and stand but with a little help from our friends we can gain knowledge ways to it. Many of us innerstand what we are owed( bill of rights, decleration of independence, mutual offset credit, z plates ect) and find at this time that those of us who seek or stand in remedy are basically educating ourselves, our assemble and the Public Officers and Agents!

Many of us have come to realize anger & revenge will not concur evil or misinformed people. In fact many of us have found getting remedy is life draining if we are angry. We know by coming to this call you will ask your questions and something will strike a cord, make sense and you will be empowered and more educated. I have often found I do not want to go the way of taking action ( all the time) but have learned what to do when rights are violated next.

Dana co-coordinator on Suffolk County New York

Julien ASN waiting for jury

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