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1779 Naturalization Act

The 1779 Naturalization Act is a streamlined process for correcting your political status. It is referred to as the One Page Declaration or the “one-pager”. This “one-pager” actually requires three (3) documents to be completed and a photo copy of your birth certificate. It’s a simplified process handled by The State Assembly Coordinator. It is similar to how our Forefathers identified themselves as Americans back in the 1700’s.

The 928 Process

The 928 process is more sophisticated. It was named the “928 Process” because it is associated with article #928 on the website. The 928 method provides more protection and allows you to hold positions within the assembly to help restore our government. 

Contact Donell - if you need help completing the forms for you for a small fee.

It is strongly advised that you take your time and carefully complete all your documents. Learn what they mean as well as how you can use them, if and when you need them. Doing your due diligence while going through the 928 process will be more efficient and more cost-effective if you focus on getting the documents done correctly the first time.

If you feel you need assistance please contact us we'll walk you through -

Read and follow the instructions carefully pen colors, mailings, addresses, etc... matter

928 Document Instructions

Contact Donell if born outside of America

After completing 928 Documents

Save this link for future access

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