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Declare Your Status 

Listed below are the steps to begin the process of changing your status from an incorporated

U.S. Citizen to an unincorporated American State National of New York. Together we can all

build a strong New York Assembly in the Land and Soil Jurisdiction.

 American State National  

An American State National owes no allegiance to anyone, but must keep the peace. They may participate in general assembly meetings and vote on domestic (in-state) policy only. They are not eligible to hold an elected office within the State Assembly


 STEP TWO  Creating Your Profile

Create your own New York Assembly Member profile to make your payment on The American States

Assembly Land Recording Office, this is where your documents will be recorded and published by the New York Coordinator.

 Instructions for Recording and Publishing 


Recording and Publishing document fees are paid by credit or debit card from

 the ‘fees tab on your member profile page.                                       

Recording Fee  $45    Publishing Fee  $25     

Optional document fees are paid through PayPal - $8 for each document

 STEP FOUR  Credential Cards

Once your documents are recorded and published you will be able to order your credential cards.

This step is optional.

Login to your profile account, click ‘payment’ on the top of the page and then the ‘fees’ tab. Under ‘fees tab click on ‘credential card’ and place your order. Your cards will be mailed to the address on your profile account.



Once all steps are complete, you may view your declared status from the following site;


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