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In order to maintain our individual rights we must assert them

This American States Assembly website is a compilation of decades of research spanning the entire globe. This resource will allow you to educate yourself and others on exercising your rights and constitutional guarantees to protect you, your family, and your community. By connecting you to others around you, protecting your private property and earnings from unjust confiscation, and offering effective solutions to the demands of operating in commerce, you too can play a substantial part of asserting the rights of the people in order to create a thriving community as a whole.

We are Americans and New Yorkers
We are peaceful law-abiding non-combatant civilians. We stand under the Public Law and The Law of Peace. We are owed all protections and guarantees. We are not Municipal citizens of the United States. We claim all exemptions. We are owed permanent, mandatory, protective injunctions. Our State Assembly is in Session and our State is enrolled as a State of the Union. There can be no Presumption of a Public Trust Interest. We have not subjected ourselves to any foreign law. We have not granted any Power of Attorney. We request and require Full Disclosure of the Case-Claim.


Government Power Structure
The “acting US Government” is a foreign owned and operated corporation and it wants to own you! When the power structure is inverted, a small number of people at the top hold all the power…instead of “We the People” where it belongs!

Self-Governing Power Flow

Dejour Government

Unicorperated American Government
American State Nationals

Corporate Government Power Flow
Defacto Government 

It’s your American history - You need to innerstand what took place!

Law of the Land
New York State national

First Amendment

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances”

Only “People” Have Unalienable Rights

US Citizens (listed as Persons/Corporations) only have equal rights—meaning they can be suspended in a time of war, such as a war on terrorism, drugs, flu viruses, economic and such. You can make the change.


By joining your county assembly you are now acting as one of the “People” to redress grievances and once again control policies and property as the community sees fit. “We the People” are the issuing party of the Contract: Without the people assembled, there is no Constitution.

Public Property

Libraries, courthouses, parks, public right-away, and such land all belong to the communities, a proper county assembly assures the use of these land assets for the community’s overall benefit.

Claim What’s Yours

The declaration we record corrects the presumption that you abandoned your land (you’ve been considered a tenant, and temporary resident).

Priority Creditors

Titles and registrations transfer legal ownership, correcting this undisclosed fact records you as the rightful owner.


Your given name is a tool that in modern days gets confused and abused. We establish a claim to put you in control of your name so you can enjoy the benefits of your own labor

Establish a Public Record

A simple lien on your property to protect it from confiscation.

What’s The Remedy?

Individual Level

  • You don’t like being lied to/duped and having your identity and assets stolen

  • Live Free & Peaceful as a Living Man/Woman on the land and soil as Creator intended

  • Don’t owe State or Federal Income Taxes

  • Discharge all your debt via National Credit, We are the creditors of national debt

  • Don’t be divided as a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, or US Citizen

  • Correct your Political Status to an American State National

Community Level

  • Join Your Land & Soil Assembly and step up to Serve as an American State Citizen (928 documents are required)

  • You don’t get any above rights protected without other ASC’s working for you

  • We are not forming a new government, but rather we are finishing reconstruction as it used to be between 1776-1865

  • Reconstruct our Lawful Government and Peacekeeping Officers

  • Reconstruct our Common Law Courts in the Land Jurisdiction

  • Manage our Employees such as; Police, Politicians, MUNICIPAL workers, Politicians and other Public Servants…

  • Uphold the Public Law and Keep the Peace

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